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What is it for?

Hygiene, cleansing and daily treatment of the eyelids and eyelashes

A wide range of products with soothing properties, gentle and non-foaming, with no perfumes and preservatives, to keep the area around the eyes in its best state

Oftalderm gel

Eyelid pigmentation and inflammation

The constant application of the product on the eyelids helps increasing skin smoothness and reducing eye-bags. It improves hydration, reduces fine lines and wrinkles and brightens the skin. Fragrance-free and pH 7. Dermatologically tested.


Oftalderm PRO

Immune system and eyelid inflammation

Oftalderm® PRO is a food supplement of Vitamin B2 and Lactoferrin, with Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS®-1, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG, Lactobacillus paracasei Lpc-37 and Bifidobacterium lactis UABla-12™, useful to compensate for nutritional deficiencies or increased needs for these nutrients. Vitamin B2 helps to maintain normal visual capacity.

Oftalderm salviette

Eyelid hygiene

OFTALDERM® WIPES are a product suitable for cleansing the eyelids and eyelashes in any situation that requires a delicate action due to the high sensitivity of the periocular area.

OFTALDERM® WIPES are soft wipes soaked with a formulation containing ingredients of natural origin that results in comfortable application and allows for the removal of scaly residues, mucus and any residues of drugs or make-up products. The plant extracts with soothing properties contained in the cream hydrate and refresh the area around the eyes, bringing relief.

The wipes are sterile and do not contain fragrances.

Dermatologically tested

Oftalderm shampoo

Priocular hygiene

Hypoallergenic periocular shampoo recommended for daily use and for the removal of scaly residues and secretions on the eyelids and eyelashes. Thanks to the antimicrobial action of terpineol, it is recommended in the event of skin imperfections involving the eyelids. Its soothing effect, along with its neutral pH, absence of perfumes and its ease of use, make Oftalderm® Shampoo a useful aid for blepharitis as an accompaniment to drug therapy. Dermatologically tested and Ophthalmologist tested. Nikel tested.


What are the recommended treatments?

Eyelid Inflammation pathologies are very frequent. When they affect only the skin, they manifest as dermatitis and may have an allergic cause (cosmetics and food), be caused by irritation (sunlight and UV lamps), have a hormonal (seborrhea) or autoimmune cause (lupus, psoriasis). When inflammation also affects the lid margin, it is called blepharitis. In this case, there is often a chronic dysfunction of the eyelid sebaceous glands responsible for bacterial proliferation and alteration of the tear film. Patients may complain of redness of the eyelids and eyes, itching, burning, feeling of a foreign body and tearing. Symptoms improve through daily eyelid hygiene associated with specific therapies.

In some cases the normal appearance of the area around the eyes may change causing unsightly problems. The most common alterations are dark circles and eyebags. Dark circles occur with a change of color of the periocular skin that tends to assume a darker shade. They occur in patients with thinner skin and little subcutaneous tissue with more superficial subcutaneous veins. Conditions such as dehydration, loss of sleep or intercurrent illnesses that can make dark circles more noticeable. In some susceptible individuals, chronic and progressive pigmentation of the skin around the eyes, may occur. Eyebags manifest as swelling of the lower eyelids caused by the accumulation of fluids and tissues in the eyelid thickness. They may occur in acute and intermittent water retention problems or chronic prolapse of orbital underlying fat tissue.