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Altial Complete

Medical Device for ophthalmic application consisting of a sterile, slightly hypotonic saline solution with high biocompatibility and physiological pH with combination of medium molecular weight sodium hyaluronate and liposomes. Recommended to relieve from ocular redness, dryness and tiredness caused by dry eye syndrome in particular caused by the inadequate quality of the lipid layer of the ocular surface, by environmental stress (dust, allergens, smoke, smog, air conditioned) and by ocular stress due to prolonged use of the computer, television and video display terminal. The product can also be used while wearing contact lenses, without having to remove them, to improve eye lubrication and comfort.

1. Open the protective foil pouch.
2. Separate the monodose vial from the strip of 5 units.
3. Twist and snap o  the cap of the vial.
4. Gently press the monodose vial and instill 2/3 drops per eye.
5. After application, immediately close the vial with its cap and use the
content left over within 12 hours.
6. Store the unused vials in the original foil pouch.
7. The product is for single-patient use.
8. The product is compatible with contact lenses.

Instill 1 or 2 times a day, or according to the doctor’s opinion.

Lipoid 1%, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Citrate tribasic dihydrate, Citric Acid monohydrate, puri ed water up to 100mL.

The box is composed of 4 foil pouches, each one containing a 5 vial monodose strip: each vial is 0,5mL and re- closable.

• The product is for ophthalmic use only.
• Once opened, the container must be closed with the appropriate cap and
the residual solution must be used within 12 hours from the opening.
• Do not use the product if the packaging is damaged or the bottle is not
perfectly intact.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• If necessary, consult your doctor for pediatric use and for use during
pregnancy and lactation
• Carefully clean hands before opening the vial.
• Do not touch the eye or other surfaces with the nozzle of the vial during
• Do not use the product in case of known incompatibility to even one
single component of the formulation.
• If necessary, check with your ophthalmologist for the compatibility of the
eye drops with the contact lenses used.
• In case of disturbances, such as sensitization, irritation or burning during
use, immediately suspend the treatment and contact a doctor.
• Any administration of ophthalmic drug/s should be at least 15 minutes
after the instillation of these eye drops, especially if the products contain
benzalkonium chloride, or other quaternary ammonium salts, to avoid the
precipitation of hyaluronic acid.
• The administration of ophthalmic drugs concomitantly with these eye
drops should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor who can
assess the possible interactions.
• Do not use the product after the expiration date indicated on the
• Do not disperse the container in the environment after use.
• Store in a dry place, away from heat sources and direct exposure to
sunlight at a temperature not exceeding 25° C, storing the unused vials in
the original foil pouch.
• In the event of any serious claims or incidents concerning the device, it is
necessary to report the incident to the manufacturer, to provide more
information on the safety of this medical device.
• The product contains soy.

Temperature not exceeding 25° C

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