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Corneial Spray

Astenomirt Eye Drops

Astenomirt CVS

Altial Complete

Medical Device for ophthalmic application consisting of a sterile, slightly hypotonic saline solution with high biocompatibility and physiological pH with combination of medium molecular weight sodium hyaluronate and liposomes. Recommended to relieve from ocular redness, dryness and tiredness caused by dry eye syndrome in particular caused by the inadequate quality of the lipid layer of the ocular surface, by environmental stress (dust, allergens, smoke, smog, air conditioned) and by ocular stress due to prolonged use of the computer, television and video display terminal. The product can also be used while wearing contact lenses, without having to remove them, to improve eye lubrication and comfort.


Corneial MED

Altial Plus

ALTIAL® Plus is an ophthalmic lubricating solution based on cross-linked hyaluronic acid, formulated for the treatment of ocular discomfort deriving from: prolonged exposure to sunlight; permanence in air-conditioned rooms; prolonged use of computers, video terminals, television; redness caused by external agents; use of contact lenses. Instill directly in the eye, when the need is felt, 1-2 drops of product, even several times a day.


Corneial Gocce


Ipolac Spray