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What is it for?

Reduces fatigue and improves visual function

Dietary supplement containing taurine, crocetin and anthocyanins from blueberry. The product reduces fatigue and improves visual function.


Visual fatigue

Astenomirt® is a food supplement containing Taurine, Crocetin and Anthocyanins from Blueberry, used for its antioxidant function and visual well-being. Gluten free.

Astenomirt CVS

Visual fatigue

Astenomirt® CVS is a dietary supplement based on Taurine, Zinc and extracts of Blueberry, Saffron and Marigold. Blueberry, Taurine, Saffron and Marigold are useful for their antioxidant function and their benefits for the eyes, while Zinc helps to maintain normal visual capacity.

Gluten-free. Naturally lactose-free.