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What is it for?

Disorders and damage to the ocular surface

Oral supplementation of active ingredients useful for fast and optimal repair of the ocular surface


Prevention of corneal alterations

Corneial® is a food supplement made from Lactoferrin, Hyaluronic Acid and Beta Glucan, useful in case of decreased intake or increased need of these nutrients. Gluten-free and lactose free.

Corneial Gocce

Eye inflammation

Corneial® gocce are composed of an adjuvant solution for the prevention of red and tired eyes. Suitable for anyone suffering from dry eyes, poor tear formation, as well as redness caused by external agents and using contact lenses. Infuse 1-2 drops of the product directly into the eyes whenever you feel the need, even several times a day.


Corneial MED

Hyaluronic Acid

Corneial® MED eye drops are indicated to relieve eye redness, irritation, fatigue, itch and dryness also due to blepharitis, trauma and in the post-operative course of ocular surface surgery (cataract, refractive, IVT, etc.).


Corneial Spray

Secchezza oculare

Corneial Spray®️ è uno spray indicato in caso di bruciore, prurito, irritazioni della zona palpebrale in genere associate a secchezza oculare ma anche a blefariti ed altre patologie oculari comuni.